Fountain of Youth is a legendary spring that reputedly restores the youth or anyone who drinks of its waters. The Fountain of Youth organisation has positioned itself as a 'resource pool' from which many young people from all walks of life can "quench their potential". The organisation targets vulnerable children and families, youth at risk and youth with the potential of becoming future leaders and change agents of South Africa and SADC.

Founded in 2010 and registered as a non-profit entity with South Africa's National Department of Social Development in March 2011, Fountain of Youth's mission statement is that the organisation will work towards positively contributing for young people to be able make a contribution that enhance South Africa's  socio-economic development and ensure it is sustainable and inclusive. The organisation does this in partnership with different stakeholders including youth, donor communities, governments, corporates and other interested stakeholders.

This mission is grounded within a rights-based model, guided by realities facing young people.

Fountain of Youth is actively working to transform Southern African society in the fields of education, skills development, life skills and personal development, human and career development, including local economic development to ensure the best possible future for Sub-Saharan Africa's children and youth by promoting positive behaviours and choices.


The vision of the organisation is to create a flexible, innovative and effective youth development vehicle for supporting and complementing      the work of governments within SADC.


       NPO No: 086-977NPO

To learn more about Fountain of Youth,     please feel free to review the 2011/12      Annual Report. Inputs and feedback          will be welcome.

foYU Annual Report 2011-2012.pdf foYU Annual Report 2011-2012.pdf
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 Our vision is anchored from the belief that young people are;

- A catalyst for nation-building, social cohesion and moral regeneration, and An essential resource for sustainable development and for tackling structural poverty.

The organisation advocates for active participation of young men and women in the development process and for social transformation. Below is the summary profile of Fountain of Youth NPO

Amandla-Awethu Legacy programme.pdf Amandla-Awethu Legacy programme.pdf
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foYU updated Summary Profile.pdf foYU updated Summary Profile.pdf
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