Being a young person in our rapidly changing world is increasingly challenging. Children and the youth have energy and innovation, a priceless resource that no country can afford to squander. South Africa should tap into the resources and capabilities of its citizens themselves by expanding their freedom of choice and action. Breaking this cycle of poverty and increasing opportunities for youth, women and people living with disabilities to participate fully and meaningfully in the social, political and economic life of society, remains a challenge for the country.

Fountain of Youth seeks to forge creative, constructive and positive partnerships with government, business, donor and development agencies and civil society focused on delivering concrete and lasting solutions to the socioeconomic and development challenges faced by historically marginalised communities, young people in particular. The business model of the organisation is to work closely and actively partner with government, business, donor and development agencies and civil society to address the challenges faced by the youth of South Africa & SADC.

The government departments that the organisation is co-operating,                 collaborating and partnering with are;

Department of Social Development including provincial departments                 Department of Women, Children & People with Disabilities                               Department of Correctional Services                                                             Department of Labour                                                                                 Department of Basic Education                                                                     Department of Highter Learning & Training                                                     Department of Justice & Constitutional Development                                       Department of Rural Development & Land Reform                                            South African Police Service

Fountain of Youth believes that through such co-operations and partnerships, this will catalyse conditions for accelerated and shared growth & development while also providing sustainable socio-economic and development solutions catering for the needs of communities, young people and local governments in South Africa.

Other government departments that the organisation is co-operating, collaborating and partnering with are;

Department of Health                                                                                Department of Sports & Recreation                                                             Department of Arts & Culture


Fountain of Youth is a member of the following organisations / institutions:



Fountain of Youth collaborates with a number of organisations / institutions, such as;

Nal'ibali, a national reading-for-enjoyment campaign to spark children's potential through storytelling and reading. Nal'ibali is driven by PRAESA (the Project for the Study of Alternative Education), Times Media and a growing number of partners. Through sustained mentoring and collaboration with communities, reading clubs, literacy organisations and volunteers of all ages, as well as a vibrant media campaign, Nal’ibali is helping to root a culture of literacy into the fabric of everyday life in South Africa.

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