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      Calling philanthropists and donors to sponsor 10 - 2500 youth of Soweto. To learn more on how you can sponsor these youths, visit   for more information.

Fountain of Youth NPO is calling on unemployed skilled craftsmen and women willing to participate in a arts             and crafts job creation project that is located in Soweto        and Galeshewe near Kimberley.

To join/participate in the arts and crafts job creation       project, call 0741074585 to learn how you can become a            beneficiary of the project.


Fountain of Youth runs weekly workshops on the                           following topics:

  - How to write/compule a marketable CV

  - What to do when preparing for an interview

  - How to prepare for a job interview

  - How to become an entrepreneur

Call 0741074585 for an appointment


Fountain of Youth runs training workshops for           learners from Grade 10 to Grade 12 on Effective            Learning and Studying Techniques to help them             prepare effectively for exams. Every workshop                  covers information of available bursaries and               how the school learners can apply for bursaries                of their career choice.

As the organisation’s motto says, Fountain of Youth is ready to cultivate the seeds for the future. Reaching youth potential depends upon their preparation for and participation in their own development and the development of the country. The organisation invites youth of Soweto to join and participate in the Amandla-Awethu Future Leaders & Achievers Club is to ensure that become ready to be the future leader of South Africa. The Club is a youth leadership network and platform where young people meet to learn how to develop and grow their personal and leadership skills

       Fountain of Youth NPO is calling ex-offenders residing in  Galeshewe near Kimberley and Soweto interested in participating in a job creation / skills development project.

   To learn more about how to join/participate in the job creation / skills development project call 0741074585 to learn how you can become a beneficiary of the project.

Fountain of Youth runs training workshops for learners from Grade 8 to Grade 10 on Effective Choosing School Subjects that matches their future careers / career aspiration / choices.


Since its existence in March 2012, the organisation      Fountain of Youth NPO is already implementing 4             of its 9 main programmes. We need your support to         intensify and sustain our implementation programme.

Please support out Reach Out & Touch fundraising campaigns.

foYU Workshops - Personal .pdf foYU Workshops - Personal .pdf
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Workshops on Personal and Career Development

foYU Workshops - Lifeskills Development.pdf foYU Workshops - Lifeskills Development.pdf
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Workshops on Lifeskills Development

Enclosed above is information on other workshops that Fountain of Youth NPO runs:


  - Pro-Bono Legal services
  - Pro-Bono Accounting and Auditing services
  - Free Business Development Advisory services
  - Free marketing through appropriate networks
  - Funding for implementation of 9 programmatic areas
  - Donation from as little as 5cents
  - Raise funding for the organisation

  - Sponsor organisation’s work related events

Our Workshops covers a number of topics relevant and important to young people. Click open the document to learn more

foYU Workshops profile.pdf foYU Workshops profile.pdf
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  - Funding for assets of the organisation, e.g. purchase of land for its new office premise, 2-3 automobiles (MPVs or minibuses), office furniture, equipments, stationery supplies
   - Funding for training and capacity building activities of staff and beneficiaries (including accompanying logistical requirements)
   - Sponsorship for operational costs, e.g. government services, fuel, airtime, maintenance costs

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