Calling the Youth of South Africa:


What is this Club about?

The Club is a youth leadership network and platform where young people meet to learn how to develop          and grow their personal and leadership skills. Reaching youth potential depends upon their preparation for and participation in their own development and the development of the country. Career guidance should be viewed as a learning experience, encompassing a range of learning interventions to support lifelong learning and career development. As the organisation’s motto says, Fountain of Youth is ready to cultivate the seeds for the future.

Through the Amandla-Awethu Future Leaders & Achiever Club, Fountain of Youth NPO provides life                 skills education, work based training, entrepreneurial skills training, leadership mentoring and                       coaching. This is one of the objectives of the organisation, which is to improve the capabilities and              capacities of young people in South Africa, while also contributing to enabling the aspirations of the               youth so that they can contribute to and benefit from more stable, democratic and prosperous                      communities and the country.

The purpose of the club's focus in the abovementioned services/initiatives is to promote skills                  development to increase personal development, youth leadership and employability of young people                 in South Africa from age 14 to 35. Fountain of Youth NPO holds weekly workshops on leadership                     development, life skills, personal development, general career guidance and sector-based focused                  career guidance (i.e. vocational guidance and mentoring), which caters for youth aged 12 to 24.


      It is time the youth of South Africa to stop complaining and start doing. South Africa will become what you want it to be when you contribute towards that new future.


For more information on the Amandla-Awethu Future Leaders & Achievers Club, please contact +27(0)741074585 or                      email between 09h00 and 17h00 daily, Mondays to Fridays.


Download the document below:

Calling corporates and individuals to                 sponsor youth who can participate in the                  Club and benefit from the Club.

To sponsor young people, please contact our office on        27(0)741074585

Youth who can join the Club are:

   - Grade 9 learners still not sure about which subjects to choose
Learners (Grade 9 – 12) struggling to get good grades because they are  struggling to effectively prepare for exams
Matriculants who are still not sure what career(path) to pursue?
Matriculants seeking advice and information about post-matric studies, financial aid options, e.g. bursaries, study loans, scholarships, etc
Matric Graduates with exemptions, but still not sure how to find and apply for a study loan, a bursary or scholarship
Matric Graduates or school-drop outs struggling to find employment
School drop-outs of who are not sure how to pursue a better life for themselves?
Young aspirant entrepreneurs
not sure how to start with their business ideas
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