Organisational Overview

Fountain of Youth is a registered a non-profit, volunteer-run organisation that helps and empowers vulnerable households, children and youth at risk; while also providing family support and youth development services to improve their resilience and self-sustenance so that they are equipped to participate and contribute to nation building of South Africa. All our focus puts special attention to youth and children at risk, and vulnerable groups to tackle the root cause of some of the challenges they face.


1. Reunification of Homeless Children and Youth programme

   Key to this programme is the following activities;
      - Counselling of homeless children / youth
      - Family assessments before individual family interventions
      - Community Reintegration of homeless children youth
      - Youth empowerment projects
      - After-school support programme
      - Monthly Homeless People Newsletters
      - Pledging and Giving initiative in support of affected families

2. Life Planning and Social Skills Development programme

  A key element in driving foYU‘s approach in this programme is                      through our tailor-made mind-mobilisation skills development toolkit.               The programme consists of regular workshops, practical exercises                    coupled with dummy projects with the focus on the following themes;
     - Mind mobilisation and personal change management
     - Life planning and personal development
     - HIV/Aids education and awareness
     - Positive lifestyle awareness and debating forum
     - Teenage pregnancy awareness and advocacy

3. Youth Skills Development and Career Preparedness programme

   Key elements in driving foYU‘s approach in this programme are;
     - Careers Expos and Career Guidance Awareness activities
     - Career / Professional Development activities
     - Skills Development / Training workshops
     - Bi-monthly career development publications

4. Crime Prevention through Youth Empowerment programmes

   Key to this programme is the following activities;
    - Youth Community Work initiative
    - Youth My Kasi Ambassadors initiative
    - Income Generation initiatives for Employable Youth
    - Young ex-Offenders Reintegration programme
    - Youth Against Crime Forums

5. Youth Entrepreneurship Development programme

   Key to this programme are the following, namely;
    - Youth entrepreneurial skills education workshops
    - Schools Youth Entrepreneurship competitions
    - Youth Small Business Mentoring programme
    - Youth SMME incubation programme
    - Youth SMMEs Exhibitions
    - Youth Entrepreneurs publication

6. Amandla-Awethu Young Women Development & Empowerment programme

   Key to this programme is the following activities;
    - Young Mothers Development & Empowerment initiative
    - Young Women Future Leaders Development initiative
    - Income Generation initiatives for Employable Young Women
    - Young Women ex-Offenders Support initiative
    - Young Women Against Crime Forum


1. Youth Development through Sports, Arts, Culture and Recreation programme

The programme uses sports, arts, crafts and recreation initiatives with its objective being to empower and develop participating youth. Desired outcomes (what should be achieved in 10 years time)
   - Design, implement, establish and then replicate the identified initiatives
   - Develop and use a toolkit to measure if the initiatives are achieving desired outcomes
   - Visible impact (behaviour changes) in youth participating in the initiatives, e.g. young people and youth at risk leading longer and healthier lives

2. Local Economic Development Youth Support programme

  Key to this programme is foYU linking youth to various opportunities from local municipalities. The programme consists of the following activities;
    - Youth in Tourism, Heritage and Agriculture
    - Youth in Water Conservation
    - Youth in Environment Protection
    - Young WASH Ambassadors

    3. Youth Leadership programme

     Currently through is programme the organisation has initiated;
       - Awandla-Awethu Future Leaders & Achiever club (go to the Join the Club page to learn more about the club)

   4. Vulnerable Children, Youth and Family Services

     Key to this programme is the following activities;
       - Households assessments
       - Family Empowerment Support programme
       - Women Empowerment Support Groups



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