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Abbreviated as foYU, Fountain of Youth is registered with the Department of Social Development as a non-profit organisation. NPO no. 086/977

The key organisational ethic is for Fountain of Youth to pro-actively       play a constructive role in the youth development sector to address         youth underdevelopment, unemployment, lack of youth leadership        mentoring and the many socio-economic problems facing young             people in the country.

Fountain of Youth invites you to follow your own impulses and tap the roots of your psychic potential by exploring the eternal world of our African family tree.

To learn more about the organisation, please browse through our webpages or better still communicate with us:

Phone: 27 (0)74 107 4585 (office hours)
Fax: 27 (0)86 602 7776

sayouthunlimited@gmail.com                                   http://www.prodder.org.za/civicrm/contact/view?reset=1&cid=15252 Website: http://fountainofyouthnpo.yolasite.com/


As a non-profit organisation (NGO), Fountain of Youth is committeed to making a difference in tackling the structural poverty and legacy of the past yesteryears by forging reciprocal, creative, constructive and mutually beneficial partnerships with government, business, donor and development agencies and civil society focused on delivering concrete and lasting solutions to the socioeconomic and development realities / challenges faced by historically marginalised communities / groups, in particular young people.

To ensure positive impact in the work the organisation does, the donor community, angel investors, government and both local and international philanthropists are welcome to donate, sponsor and/or fund the many programmes and projects that Fountain of Youth is currently doing and will be pursuing in the near future. Feel free to contact us - your partnership and collaboration will always be welcomed. Feel free to look at our 2012/13 Annual Report:

As a South African registered non-profit organisation, Fountain of Youth designs and implements programmes and projects that focuses on life skills and behaviour change, youth skills development and entrepreneurship, career guidance / mentoring, social crime prevention, youth development through various sectors, civic education, environmental awareness and water literacy, human rights advocacy for youth with disabilities and the restoration of ubuntu. The purpose of the organisation's focus is to contribute towards nation building through youth development.

The work and vision of Fountain of Youth is symbolised by our logo, we call   "The African Tree of Life". The choice of a tree as the logo of the organisation originates from the Founder of the organisation, who believes that trees are not only resources, but vessels that carry life-giving energy. By learning how trees are born, how they live, die, grow, reproduce, sustain, evolve, protect, and develop themselves on a biological level we begin to see correlations between the perfection of Nature's design and our own lives. See the logo on the right-hand side below:

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